Baptismal Service

We are very pleased to be having a Baptismal Service on 31st August when Gemma will be baptised.

The service will include a talk by Stephen Brown who is from Costessey and has been a leader at  the Young People Bible Camp in Norfolk.

You might be wondering what Baptism is all about.  Here’s an explanation.

What is Baptism?

Jesus told his followers to tell people about him, making disciples and  baptising them in his name.  Later we read how people did believe and were baptised.

Why is Gemma being baptised?

Gemma has believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and so she wants to show every one in the way that Jesus commanded.

What will happen when they are baptised?

‘Baptise’ actually means to ‘immerse’ or ‘submerge’ and so when they are baptised they go right under the water and come up again.

What does it mean?

As well as being a public confession of their faith it is also a picture of how, as believers in the Lord Jesus, they ‘have died with him’ and are starting a new life following him.