Welcome Back!

We are now returning to have all our meetings in the Hall

But from September we will be able to welcome everyone back!

Saturday 11th September at 10:30am will be the first Trailblazers for a long time. Especially for children aged 4 to 12.

Sunday 12th September at 4p.m. everyone is welcome to our special ‘WELCOME BACK’ Service. We are inviting all to join us.

We extend a special welcome to our friends from Weston Court, Partridge Court and Old School Court and Mews. We haven’t been able to visit Weston Court for a long time but if you would like to come along please contact us for a lift or for an arm across the road.

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Tea & Play

Tea & Play will be returning after the school holidays. Look out for details on the Facebook page

Bible Prophecy

The Bible is God’s Word and it not only tells us what God has done in the past but also His plans for the future. In a series of meetings held during March and again in July, Ken Totton from Cambridge gave some talks about Bible Prophecy.  He showed how many prophecies have already be fulfilled and looked at those that are still to take place.

Recordings of the talks are now available on the site. Click here